Top 3 Must Needed Products to Make Your Home Smell Good and Fresh

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So, this is my second post on my new blog! In my first post, I spoke about how I chose my first air cleaning device. It’s been a week since I’ve been using that product and it’s effects are already visible. Since my first purchase worked out so well, I thought it would be great to make a list of 3 must-needed products that help you breathe fresh air at home.

Here goes my list,

Air Cleaning Devices

These are a no-brainer choice; atleast in my case. We recently moved to San Jose, CA and it was a lot different from Saratoga County. Phoenix being a much larger city was full of pollution and that air quality was too bad. While, I can’t do much to curb the city’s pollution levels, one thing that immediately struck my mind was an air purifier! Back in Saratoga, I remember one of our neighbors was using one such device for their kitchen. So, I quickly hopped onto the internet and started reading about these products. Well, I wasted a lot of time trying to get the exact information because much of it was health related. It was getting difficult for me to grasp the medical terms. So, I decided to check out the ‘top’ suggestion from trusted reviewers on the web. While most of them only had a list of products with short notes attached, I found one website which particularly had individual air cleaning product reviews which were all linked to the best air purifiers list.

I went ahead and read a few of them and finally decided to purchase one from Honeywell. So far I’m happy with the way this cleaner is working. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Scented Candles and Oils

I recently learned about these and quickly picked up a few from the local WalMart. The ones that I bought were not so great but I was impressed by the idea of making your home smell good. I went ahead to a Amazon and ordered a few scented candles. This time I made sure I only chose the ones that had good number of reviews ( :p ). To mix things up, I purchased 5 candles and each of which had a different aroma and smell.


The candles arrived two days later and I immediately planned to surprise my husband with a candle light dinner (the unusually romantic me!). Things went well and the rose scented candle did it’s magic. I was impressed with how the aroma lifted our moods and emotions. Apart from the rose aroma, I also loved the tangy lemon scented candle.

As you see, these scented candles and indeed lift up your mood and are great for people suffering from mood swings.

Bonsai Plants or Indoor Gardening

Okay! I agree the name ‘Bonsai‘ might sound alien to you. Bonsai is a Japanese form of growing trees in a container. Yes, you read it right! These can elevate your interior decor and have an added advantage. We all know that plants and trees are natural air purifiers and they clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and leave out oxygen.

new bonsaiI bought one such tree for my home and it really looks beautiful. I’m yet to completely learn about growing bonsai trees but one thing I know for sure is that these little ones do a lot good for your health!

To wrap it up, this is my list of must needed items for your home. If you have any other recommendations, then let me know in the comments section below. I would love to interact with you!

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